Logansport Utilities is working to enhance our customer service to the Logansport area by implementing Automated (or Advanced) Metering Infrastructure (AMI). AMI is a system of digital or "smart" meters, communication networks, and software that transfers electric and water usage information on a secure, wireless network to a database. This information is used to prepare billing, analyze trends, provide customers with usage information, and notify customers of outages and potential leaks.


Smart meters or digital meters, provide two-way communication between the meter and utilities through radio frequency (RF) waves, allowing accurate, timely meter readings, and the ability to turn service on and off remotely.


Radio frequency (RF) is a rate of oscillation in a range of around 3 kHz to 300 EHz, which corresponds to the frequency of radio waves, and the alternating currents which carry radio signals. Radio frequencies are used in non-wired communication devices such as transmitters, receivers, computers, televisions, mobile phones, and other common household items.


Usage data transmitted across the network is encrypted using industry-standard processes and technologies. Private customer data is not transmitted to or from the meter. The information from smart metering cannot detect the presence of people in their homes. Meters can only measure energy and water use, not how it is being used.


All smart meters meet the federal standard for safety set by the Federal Communications Commission. They operate at levels much lower than the maximum permissible exposure limits for RF. The meters emit RF only when they transmit data, which, in total, is typically less than one minute per day. A smart meter's RF is significantly less than other common household devices. Links are provided below to learn more about FCC regulations, RF, and smart meters.


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What is the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) upgrade?

This project will involve installing new electric and water meters in our entire service territory. The new equipment (smart meters) will allow us to provide improved service, operational savings, and better billing information.

What is the smart meter installation process?

For the electric department smart meters, our team members will knock on residence doors and inform you we are changing out the meter right before the installation. There will be little to no interruption in service. The electric might go out from 3 to 5 seconds and then resume normally.

For the water department, our team members will knock on the door of the residence and inform you we are changing out the meter right before the installation. If no one is home, the residence will receive a door hanger notifying you a meter has been changed. The process will take roughly from 15 to 30 minutes. Because your water will have been turned off temporarily during the meter change process, you may experience air bubbles or discolored water. In most cases, briefly running cold water will clear up this situation.

What does the AMI upgrade cost me?

There will be no additional customer bill charges. The project was budgeted years prior to use normal operating funds.

Will the smart meter interfere with other electronic equipment in my home or office?

No. The radio transmission operates in compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC Regulations) to avoid interference with other electronic devices.

Are smart meters harmful to my health?

Smart meters utilize RF technology and represent no known health hazards and emit significantly lower exposure levels than most other typical devices that emit RF, such as cellular phones, wireless routers and microwave ovens. (Please see RF diagram above at

Can I choose not to have smart meters?

Smart meters are now the industry standard. All customer homes and businesses will be upgraded to the AMI. The efficiency of our billing, technology, and operations systems will rely on this technology. Existing meters will become obsolete, hurt efficiencies, and drive-up costs.

Where will the old meters go?

The water department is recycling all the meters being exchanged and the electric department is recycling all the metal and plastic components.

What do I do if I have more questions about the AMI?

You may contact the electric department or water department by calling 574-753-6231.

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